Successful stories

I have been training with Kalina for 4 years now. I had gone through a divorce and let myself go...physically, emotionally/mentally, and spiritually. In desperation and nearing a size 16, I joined 24 hour fitness and met Kali, who would help me turn my life around. I didn't know it at the time and thought I was only there to improve myself physically. Little did I know, Kali would impact every facet of my life in which I needed help! Through the physical improvement (she helped me lose 35 pounds, trim down to a size 4 and wear a bikini for the first time since I was 10!), I gained a confidence I never had. She also became a great friend and life coach who helped me (without judgement) through some tough times and also guided me when times were good! With her help, I have become the person I never thought I would be! I am in better shape than I was at 20, in all aspects! I am confident, determined, driven, independent, tenacious and able to be the best person I can be. Thank you, Kali!


Dina MHR Manager

Kalina is one of the best coaches I have met in my life. Her energy, positive attitude and outlook on life have truly helped me get to where I need to be.


Adriana GTeacher

Both personally and professionally, Kalina is one of the most insightful, intelligent, loving and empowering people I know. I think that she is particularly good at leading others onto a path of growth because she herself is always open to and seeking her own opportunities to grow and learn. She is brave, warm, and with fearless love, Kalina meets those around her where they are at.



Alana KSocial Work 

Kalina is the best!!!

After I got married, I had gained 20 pounds of fat that I needed to lose. I was miserable because I had never been so overweight and none of my clothes fit me like they had used to. I spent my whole life never really needing to lose weight, so I had no clue where to even begin.

I had always been a big gym goer, so when I first met Kalina I was skeptical about what she could tell me that I didn't already know. Signing up with Kalina was the best birthday present that I ever gave to myself. Not only did she teach me so many different and new ways to workout, but she also helped me with my nutrition every single day. She opened my eyes and really helped me to become leaner, much stronger, and to be my better self again. After every training session that I had with her, I always felt so amazing, ready to take on my day and conquer it!

Consequently, I did end up losing my 20 pounds that I had gained, have more energy, am so much stronger, and just generally feel pretty awesome about myself. Kalina is an incredibly talented and gifted individual, and I would highly recommend training with her.



Azima PBusiness owner


Kali is great!!! I started with group training and after that she had me hooked! I trained with Kali for as long as I could before I had to move for grad school. I needed a lot of help with nutrition, motivation, and getting into shape and Kali helped me work towards all of my goals. I can't wait until I'm back in San Diego so I can work with her again!

Kali became a great friend of mine and it's been awesome to see her grow and start her own business, finding new ways to help people. If you're considering it -- DO IT!





Annie B.Business and Engineering Graduate Student


Kali was the first person to give me the opportunity to become a personal trainer. She took the time to listen to my goals and truly understand what I wanted to accomplish. With her guidance I have become one of the lead trainers and I couldn't be happier. I love my sessions with Kali not just because she kicks my ass but because I leave with a new sense of focus and clarity. Thank you Kalina for helping me grow as a person, a trainer, and a bodybuilder(my legs are still sore).



Eric T. Personal Trainer

Kalina is amazing. After years of being out of the gym, focusing on family and work, and avoiding my physical health, she has inspired me to get back on a healthy track. Her knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and overall physical and mental well-being is fantastic. She's passionate about and dedicated to her clients and her craft. I highly recommend her.




Chrissy MMarketing Business Owner

I have trained with Kali for over 3 years. She is an extremely talented and attentive personal trainer and will definitely help you reach your personal and physical goals. I have a couple physical injuries that limit my exercise and Kali always works with me to reduce additional pain and injury while still giving me an intense workout. She researched my injuries and discussed them with physical therapists to help ensure a safe workout. On a personal level, Kali is very kind, loving, generous, and intelligent. She truly cares about her clients on a personal level and will keep you motivated and working toward a healthier and happier life. I have enjoyed working with Kali and would definitely recommend her to anyone. To me, she is more than just a personal trainer, she has also quickly become a dear friend.

Peggy H.Photographer

My experience with Kalina can hardly be summed up by a five-star review. From the moment I met her, I knew she was the person that could help me achieve my goals and change my life for the better.
You will WANT to workout with Kali. Her professional knowledge, enthusiasm and positive energy make you feel nothing is impossible. I miss training with her immensely and I hope if you are in the San Diego area, you get a chance to work out with her too!

Emy G Attorney

Kalina is an amazing trainer! She brings tenacity and excellent knowledge of health. She helped me achieve my health goals and become stronger than I ever thought I could be! She is very talented and extremely professional! I highly recommend her!


Cristian RPhotographer

I have had the opportunity to spend time with Kalina on both a personal and professional level. Her positive energy is contagious and conversations with her are meaningful and uplifting. I support her desire to help people improve their lives and I believe she has the training, experience, and genuine interest in pursuing this goal.

Dominique S Psychologist

Kali is an Amazing person with amazing energy that will motivate you to transform your life in ways that you never fathomed that you cold!




Iavor PRetail Manager

Kalina is one of the best coaches I have met in my life. Her energy, positive attitude and outlook on life have truly helped me get to where I need to be.




Adriana GTeacher