What is a Nutrition Coach?

As your Nutrition Coach, I will assess your needs, give you the precise advice you need to see the results you desire, and provide you with ongoing support on your journey to feeling amazing. I will provide you with cutting edge knowledge to make eating healthy simple, effective, and fun: no diets, no calorie counting, no starving. I work with clients of all levels, from busy professionals who are always on the go to athletes and personal trainers seeking optimal results and performance. I have helped clients lose over 50lb of body fat and helped others gain lean muscle.

Your plan will be designed based on your current knowledge, body type, and goals. You will be extremely satisfied with the user-friendly tips, strategies, and visual tools I provide you with.

We will work together over the phone and through email for your convenience.

Nutrition Coaching | Kalina Cardoso
Nutrition Coaching | Kalina Cardoso

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