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What is a Life Coach?

As a Life Coach, I will support you in your journey to close the gap between where you stand today and where you would like to be. Sometimes, the gap is in your health and fitness, your career, or your relationships, but it could be in any area of your life that’s important to you. My job is to help you set clear goals, design an effective plan for action, and keep you accountable for executing the plan. My job is to help you find the solutions in a motivating, inspiring, and empowering way, a way that leaves you feeling amazing about your decisions and the actions you choose to take. I will challenge you to live up to your full potential and to play big. I will learn exactly where you want to go in life and hold that vision for you in times of hardship. I will be in your corner to cheer you on and to celebrate your success. Our conversations will be confidential and non-judgmental. We will work over the phone or through Skype for your convenience.

Who is coaching for?

I believe that nobody needs coaching, but anyone could benefit from it. I have worked with business owners and entrepreneurs, business professionals, managers, retirees, stay-at-home moms, students, and athletes. Here are just a few of the benefits of having your own coach: (from

To make significant changes
To deal better with uncertainty
To make better decisions
To set better goals
To reach goals faster
To become financially more successful
To get ahead professionally
To deal with the influence of technology
To have a collaborative partner
To improve their relationships
To make bigger impact on the world
To be a better leader
To simplify their lives
To reduce stress
To keep up with the speed of life

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