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Hello, My Name is Kalina

I am a lifestyle and nutrition coach and a personal trainer. I am originally from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria (think Eastern Europe), but I have lived in San Diego, California since 2007. I am also a mom, a daughter, a sister and a co-parent. If I had to sum up my life purpose in one sentence, it would be, “I am a teacher.” I love learning, and I enjoy sharing knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

My love for fitness and curiosity about nutrition started when I was a teenager. I struggled with weight after I stopped competitive skiing in high school, so I started learning how to exercise in the gym and eat healthily. I loved seeing how my body changed and how my energy and happiness were better than ever. My friends and classmates were inspired how I changed my life and how fitness became my lifestyle.

I decided to pursue an education in Exercise Science because I was an athlete growing up and I had just fallen in love with fitness. I liked learning about the human body and how it functions, moves, and performs, but most of all I enjoyed learning how to ignite the fire in others so they could fall in love with fitness as well.

After my junior year, I came to San Diego for the summer, and that summer never ended. I built a life here, and I completed my education as a Fitness Specialist at San Diego State University.

My personal pursuit of living a life I love led to multiple major shifts, changes, and transformations over the years. I had to learn how to let go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer served me and how to play big, stay in action, live from greatness, embrace integrity, take care of myself, and much more. Devoting my life and career to supporting others to live life powerfully is a great motivation for me to be a role model and be the best version of myself mentally and physically.


About My Education

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Kalina Cardoso IncLifestyle/Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer 2017
24 Hour FitnessFitness Manager2015–2016
24 Hour Fitness Master Trainer 2013–2015
YMCAHealth and Fitness Coach 2007–2012
Matchirski Ski & Snowboard SchoolSkiing Instructor 2002–2007

My experience with Kalina can hardly be summed up by a five-star review. From the moment I met her, I knew she was the person that could help me achieve my goals and change my life for the better.
You will WANT to workout with Kali. Her professional knowledge, enthusiasm and positive energy make you feel nothing is impossible. I miss training with her immensely and I hope if you are in the San Diego area, you get a chance to work out with her too!

Emy G Attorney

Kalina is an amazing trainer! She brings tenacity and excellent knowledge of health. She helped me achieve my health goals and become stronger than I ever thought I could be! She is very talented and extremely professional! I highly recommend her!


Cristian RPhotographer

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